“It’s a challenge to make [these concertos] sound fresh. Yet the youthful Francesca Dego and the seasoned, ever-questing Roger Norrington, on his last recording, achieve that in spades … Dego’s playing creates a spirit of delighted, sometimes whimsical improvisation … Norrington and the 25-strong RSNO keep the accompaniments buoyant, and gleefully seize on every opportunity for operatic dialogues with the soloist. This is chamber music writ large … a delectable album… If you think you’ve heard these concertos once too often, this could be just the tonic.” – Richard Wigmore, October 2022

Gramophone Magazine

“This recording is characterized by excellently balanced interpretations and a light-hearted and fluid gesture … these are distinctly eloquent, finely woven interpretations”

Uwe Krusch, Pizzicato, October 2022