Konvergencie poster

Olli Mustonen is in Slovakia this week as the main guest of the Konvergencie festival in Bratislava. For their ninth winter edition the festival looks at the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in dialogue with the compositions of Olli Mustonen.

“Olli Mustonen is an exceptional personality in the world of classical music. Like Mozart, he is not only an excellent and original performer, pianist and conductor, but also a composer. They are from a different time, they contrast and at the same time complement each other. That is what Convergences are about, about interesting and surprising contexts” says the artistic director of the festival, cellist Jozef Lupták.

The Mozart-Mustonen festival runs from February 13th – 25th, and will feature Olli performing as soloist and conductor. Programmes include, Mustonen’s Toccata, Mozart’s Piano Concerto E-flat Major and Violin Sonata in E-flat.