Between the 14-18th November Andrew Litton returned to A Coruña, Spain to work with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia. Andrew has well-established relationship with the orchestra, working with them regularly over the last 10 years. This most recent visit along with soloist Katharina Kang Litton, Principal Viola of the New York City Ballet, culminated in a concert at the Palacio de la Opera of Walton’s Viola Concerto and Rachmaninov’s Symphony No. 2, with many critics since publishing glowing reviews:

‘When Andrew Litton visits the Galician Symphony he plays a high-voltage concert: he proposes committed programs and clearly raises the performance of the orchestra. This time, with a gesture as simple as it was clear, he made the OSG sound outstanding…Litton proposed a reading with a big, typically American sound, with the complicity of an orchestra in a state of grace….The balance between epic and romanticism in the music was highlighted and the orchestra bordered on excellence…Andrew Litton demonstrated that he wonderfully understands how to draw out the potential from an orchestra that he knows like few others. The cogs were turning at full speed. I wish it were always like this. Big success.’ (Translation of original La Voz de Galicia article by Hugo Alvarez Dominguez)

‘(Katharina Kang Litton) approached Walton’s Concerto for Viola and Orchestra from two essential and perfectly internalized assumptions: technical competence and full conviction in what the piece proposes. A combination of her beautiful sound and solid technique allowed her to glide through the music…(On Rachmaninov Symphony no.2) The second half reserved for us one of those moments that will remain in the history of the Galician Symphony demonstrating why it and Andrew Litton admire and respect each other…we already sensed in the first movement that this was going to be very special… the final Allegro vivace was an evident example of what the Galician Symphony does when a maestro like that is at its helm.’ (Translation of original Scherzo article by Luis Suñén)

‘Among the closest ties that the Galician Symphony Orchestra has maintained throughout its history with guest conductors, the one forged ten years ago with the New Yorker Andrew Litton stands out. With a prestigious track record as a member of the orchestras of Bournemouth, Bergen, Dallas, Colorado and currently the New York City Ballet, Litton has an impressive background that has exerted a notable influence on the development and evolution of the OSG throughout his frequent visits. Litton has distinguished himself on each occasion by designing programs that achieve an excellent balance between the traditional and the innovative, always enhancing the virtuosity of the orchestra to the maximum.’ ‘ (Translation of original Bachtrack article by Pablo Sánchez Quinteiro)